Saturday, July 7, 2012

Live Band Trouble Makers

Jagged, stormy guitars, a voice with the fire and fury of a Molotov cocktail, and the deadly focused rhythm of an explosive drummer may make Troublemakers just seem like, well, Trouble with a capital "t", but the steely intelligence of their lyrics sets them apart from the host of shouty punk rock bands. In my heart, I feel right thinking, "This is what a collaboration between Kim Bass and Ian Curtis would have sounded like: blazing with irony, taut with pathos, and guaranteed to pull you out of the dark corner of the bar to the front of the stage".  With their debut EP available on their website (for free!), Vanessa Haroutinian and Lauren Shaeffer have provided a blessedly easy solution to banish the Summer Apathies, and to help channel some of that anarchic rage we all feel sometimes (I'm looking at you, line at the DMV). Listen if you have guts enough to be this badass.

- Robert Cunningham

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